The Letter Carrier

To our valued customers

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that we will not be opening a location in Blaine.

This lack of a location puts us in a position to offer up our opinion, without an agenda, on different locations that receive packages and post information that will make your shopping experience not only easier but more cost effective whenever possible. We will be rolling out the site in the following order:

1. In the weeks to come we will be updating our site with all locations that operate in Washington state along with the most important facts about their facilities and a rating on their ease of use, pricing and terms of service among other things.

2. We will be starting a blog page that will not be allowed to become a place for diatribes or unfair attacks. We understand the business and know what factors need to be considered on both sides. We will weigh in on issues when we feel we have something to offer. We will delete comments that do not belong on a civilized website.

3. We will also be providing the ability to rate and review the facilities that we have listed on our site. Whenever possible we will add comment to clarify issues that come up and will of course give the facilities a chance to respond to any negative reviews.

4. We will be doing articles that may be of interest to cross border shoppers, whether it be sales, how to declare your purchases at the border, gas prices or changes to border regulations as we become aware of them

In closing we once again would like to thank all our loyal customers who helped make our company a success and hope we can help you make the right choice in locations and keep up to date on what is going on in the world of cross border shopping.

Affectionately yours,

Les and Nancy Lomedico


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    Fax:  (360) 945-0979

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